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1.1 Terms and Conditions Binding
These Bbble Terms and Conditions and all other obligations and rules detailed in writing in the App (collectively, the "Terms and Conditions") are between 1-800-N0TH1NG (each, "the App," "1-800-N0TH1NG", "us," or "we") and everyone who uses the App (each, "you," "user," or "player"). By using the App, creating an account, or participating in any competition or service offered in the App, you accept and agree to be bound by all terms, conditions and notices contained or referenced in the App, including the most current version of the Terms and Conditions. We may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. Your continued use of the App following such modifications signifies your acceptance of those modifications. You are responsible for reviewing these Terms and Conditions periodically for any modifications.

1.2 Entire Agreement
These Terms and Conditions, the 1-800-N0TH1NG Terms of Service and 1-800-N0TH1NG Privacy Policy (collectively “1-800-N0TH1NG Policies”) constitute the entire agreement between you and us pertaining to your participation in and with the App and supersede all prior or other arrangements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether oral or written.  No waiver of any of the provisions of the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies shall be deemed or shall constitute a waiver of any other provisions (whether or not similar), nor shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver unless otherwise expressly provided. The 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies cannot be modified on an individual basis by any person affiliated, or claiming affiliation, with 1-800-N0TH1NG. Nothing in this subsection will prevent us from modifying the terms of these Terms and Conditions and posting such modifications in the App.

1.3 Severability
If any portion of the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies is deemed void or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, the original intention of 1-800-N0TH1NG, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.



2.1 Eligibility

2.1.1 United States. To be eligible to register and open an account and/or participate in any competition offered in the App, you affirm that you: (a)  are a person at least 13 years of age; and (b) the information you provide in creating your account is accurate and complete.

2.1.2 Non-U.S. To be eligible to register and open an account, you affirm that you: (a) are a person at least 13 years of age; and (b) the information you provide in creating your account is accurate and complete.


2.2 Location of Users
You are subject to all laws of the city, state, province and country in which you reside and from which you access the App.  You are solely responsible for complying with those laws. You agree that 1-800-N0TH1NG cannot be held liable if laws applicable to you restrict or prohibit your use of or participation with the App. 1-800-N0TH1NG makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the lawfulness of your accessing the App or participating in any competition offered in the App.  No person affiliated, or claiming affiliation, with the App has authority to make any such representations or warranties.

2.3 Recommended Devices 1-800-N0TH1NG recommends a minimum iOS 9+ on Apple devices and at least 1 GB RAM availability.


3.1Definition of Content

This App allows users to upload and view various content.  Content may include text, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisuals and other materials you may upload or view in the App (“Content”).  Content will be available to view immediately upon a user uploading and sharing the Content in the App.


3.2Your Content

The App allows you to submit your own Content.  You are solely responsible for your Content and any consequences that may arise from uploading or sharing your Content.  You represent and warrant that you own and have all necessary rights to publish and share your Content in the App.  You retain all ownership in your Content.  By submitting or sharing your Content in the App you grant 1-800-N0TH1NG the worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable right to use, reproduce, distribute and display your Content in connection with the App.  You also grant all other users of the App a non-exclusive license to access your Content for viewing and responding purposes only.  You represent and warrant that your Content will: (i) not contain materials owned by third parties unless you have permission from those third parties to use their materials in your Content within the App; and (ii) not violate any laws, ordinances or regulations.


3.3Other User’s Content

The App allows you to view and respond to other user’s Content.  Each user retains ownership of the Content which they upload and share in the App.  The only right you have, as it relates to other user’s Content, is to view and respond to that Content within the App.  You may not use other user’s Content for any other purpose and have no right to copy, reproduce or distribute their Content. 1-800-N0TH1NG is not responsible for enforcing any rights users may have with respect to use of their Content by other App users.  If you have a dispute with another App user, contact the user.  Do not contact 1-800-N0TH1NG.


3.4 Content Guidelines

In addition to the Community Guidelines set forth in the 1-800-N0TH1NG Terms of Services, you agree to adhere to the App Content Guidelines.  Specifically, you agree to not submit or share Content that: (i) violates or infringes a third party’s rights; (ii) is violent, graphic or shocking; (iii) is hateful or promotes violence; or (iv) is harmful or dangerous or promotes activities that may be harmful or dangerous to others.


3.5 Indemnification

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless 1-800-N0TH1NG its parents and affiliates and their officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any third party claims, damages, losses and causes of action arising as a result of your Content and your failure to comply with the Content Guidelines.  1-800-N0TH1NG cannot instantly review all Content, however, 1-800-N0TH1NG will moderate Content within the App and will rely on App users to moderate Content they believe to be in violation of 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies.  1-800-N0TH1NG may delete or disable any Content from the App, for any reason.  1-800-N0TH1NG does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any Content and 1-800-N0TH1NG does not endorse the Content. 



4.1Account Login and Registration

Users will sign up and log into the App using their Facebook account.  Basic information from a user’s Facebook profile will be used for account registration.  A user’s profile page will display basic information and aggregate scores of upvotes and downvotes.  Each user’s submitted Bbbles will be viewable in their profile.  Users can share challenges and results with their Facebook friends and invite Facebook friends to use the App.


4.2 Limitations on Number of Accounts
Players may establish one account per person using their Facebook account. Each mobile device may have multiple accounts so long as each account maps back to unique individuals.  Multiple accounts may not be created sharing the same email address or Facebook account.  1-800-N0TH1NG reserves the right to monitor all activities in the App, including any effort to establish multiple accounts.  In the event 1-800-N0TH1NG discovers that you violated the number of accounts allowed, all additional accounts will be closed without notice and continued violation may result in the termination of any and all of your accounts and 1-800-N0TH1NG may void any associated winnings to any or all of the account(s). 1-800-N0TH1NG further reserves the right to deny access to anyone, including, but not limited to, those players who use proxy servers and/or IP addresses residing in certain geographical areas.

4.3 Fraud and Abuse

Fraud and abuse relating to the access and use of the App is strictly prohibited. In accessing the App or participating in any activities, products or services offered by or through the App, you represent and warrant that: (a) all information you supply is complete and accurate and not in violation of any applicable laws, regulations or these Terms and Conditions; and (b) you will not circumvent or attempt to circumvent any provision of the Terms and Conditions or engage in any activity that interrupts or attempts to interrupt the operation of the App. Users engaging, participating or displaying behavior that may be interpreted, in 1-800-N0TH1NG's sole and absolute discretion, as the use of unfair methods in the App, including but not limited to, using more than one Facebook account to create multiple accounts for the App, the use of unauthorized or altered software or hardware to assist play (including the use of bots, bot nets, jail broken devices or rooted devices, collusion with bots and/or use of cheat programs such as debuggers, clock-skewing software and memory scanners), collusion with other players, harassment of other participants, posting of objectionable material, any breach of the Terms and Conditions, any breach of the security of your account or the App, or any other act (whether through the use of automated technology or otherwise) that unfairly alters your chance of winning or constitutes the commission of fraud (collectively, "Abuse"), may subject you to immediate sanction (as determined by 1-800-N0TH1NG in its sole and absolute discretion), including without limitation: (1) immediate termination of your account and blocking of the App access; (2) forfeiture of any in App purchases that you may otherwise have been entitled to receive; and (3) in the case suspected illegal activity, disclosure to the FBI or other relevant agencies in accordance with federal and state laws. Without limiting any provision of the Terms and Conditions, 1-800-N0TH1NG expressly reserves the right to institute or seek any injunctive relief, civil and/or criminal proceedings against you and/or any of your co-conspirators arising out of or related to your commission of Abuse, including the right to recover fees and expenses (including attorneys' fees) and the right report you and such Abuse to any and all relevant regulatory authorities or governmental agencies.


4.4Account Cancellation

You may cancel your account at any time.  If you do not agree to the terms of the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies, your sole remedy is to not use the App and to cancel your account.  You understand and agree that the cancellation of your account is your sole right and remedy with respect to any disputes with 1-800-N0TH1NG, including but not limited to disputes arising out of:  (i) any provisions of the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies or 1-800-N0TH1NG’s enforcement or application of the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies; (ii) any changes to the App; (iii) your ability to access the App; or (iv) the amount or type of fees, taxes, billing methods for the App.

To initiate cancellation of your account send an email to:  Help can cancel your account upon request.  Cancellation may take up to ten (10) business days.  You may be required to submit a ticket requesting your cancellation.  1-800-N0TH1NG reserves the right to collect fees or costs incurred by you before you cancel your account.  Any delinquent or unpaid fees and other unresolved issues with 1-800-N0TH1NG must be settled before you establish a new account.

1-800-N0TH1NG may cancel your account at any time, in its sole discretion, for any reasons set forth in the 1-800-N0TH1NG Policies.



5.1 Bbbles

Bbbles are the questions users will answer in the App. 


5.2 Streaks

Streaks are the number of consecutive Bbbles a user answers correctly.


5.3 Game Center & Leaderboards

Apple’s Game Center is utilized to group users into different leaderboards.  Leaderboards will be organized by overall user rank and by highest streak within particular leaderboards.


5.4 Game Rules

            5.4.1Solo Play  Users answer a series of Bbbles within a series of similar or random topics in an attempt to gain the longest Streak.  Users have 10 seconds to respond to a Bbble.  If a user does not answer within that period of time, their non-answer is deemed incorrect and the user’s Streak ends.  A user may choose to answer a Bbble in a similar topic or a random topic.  Once a user answers a Bbble incorrectly, their Streak ends.

            5.4.2Challenge Mode  Users are matched with “friends” or strangers to answer a series of Bbbles in a particular category.  Users playing against another user in challenge mode will receive the same Bbbles.  The user answering the most Bbbles correctly, wins the challenge.  Streaks to not apply in Challenge Mode.  If a challenger does not respond or accept the challenge within three (3) days, the challenge is deleted from the database and neither party is considered to have won or lost that particular challenge.

5.5 Upvotes & Downvotes

Users will be given the opportunity to upvote or downvote Bbbles after they have answered that particular Bbble.  Upvotes & Downvote will be displayed on user’s profile page and will be visible to other users.


5.6 Content Creation

Users may upload and share 30 second video clips asking Bbbles and giving four possible answers (1 correct and 3 incorrect).  Videos may be recorded within the App or pre-recorded and uploaded. Once uploaded, users can set category tags for their videos.  Tags are one (1) word descriptions that best describe the Bbble category.  Users can set a maximum of three (3) tags per Bbble.


5.7 Content Moderation

1-800-N0TH1NG and users will moderate the content uploaded and shared in the App.  Once Content is flagged by a user, it will be disabled from public access and will be invisible to other users.  1-800-N0TH1NG will send a notification to the user that the Bbble has been flagged, will be reviewed and potentially removed.  1-800-N0TH1NG, at its sole discretion, will have the right to remove any Content uploaded in the App.



6.1 Hacking, Tampering, or Unauthorized Access
By registering for an account and/or participating in any competition offered in the App, you agree that 1-800-N0TH1NG is not responsible for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from hacking, tampering, or other unauthorized access or use of the App or your account.

Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the App's systems or any account, interfere with procedures or performance of the App, or deliberately causing damage to or undermining the App, may subject you to civil and/or criminal prosecution and may result in immediate termination of your account and forfeiture of any prizes.

6.2 Accounts for Individual Use Only
You are solely responsible for all obligations relating to your account and for compliance with these Terms and Conditions.  You are entitled to all benefits accruing to you as a result of being the account holder. You may not allow any other person to access your account, access the App, accept any winnings, or participate in any competition using your account. Your account is not transferable. By registering and/or participating in any competition offered in the App, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold 1-800-N0TH1NG harmless from or for any claims, liability, damages, and/or costs (including attorneys' fees) arising from any use of your account by any person.

6.3 App and Account Availability

1-800-N0TH1NG does not guarantee that the App or access to your account will be available at all times and/or in all geographic locations.  1-800-N0TH1NG is not liable for any loss which may be caused by your inability to access the App or your account.





Last Updated: June 6, 2017